Quicksilver Cruises

“ResWeb has been vital to the substantial expansion of our online commerce. Managing multiple products, with multiple options, on multiple sites would be almost impossible without the seamless integration that ResWeb offers with our ResPax reservations software. It streamlines the reservations process and gives us the ability to cater to the needs of a growing online consumer audience across the globe.”

ResWeb+ Online Booking Software

ResWeb+ Online Booking Software is a responsive browser based web booking engine directly integrated to the ResPax Enterprise database with real time availability to the public, staff and authenticated agents.

ResWeb+ administrators can manage branding, themes, translations, application options and merchant account details.

This user friendly software tool is free to use, with a minimal commission payable on bookings made. It enables tour operators to easily manage their tour operation at a basic level.

Tour operators are able to:

  • Create tour booking vouchers which are easy to implement on their website.
  • Incorporate a real-time tour availability grid in the web voucher.
  • Take credit card payment details which are verified by the system*.
  • Automatically email booking notifications.
  • Change payment status (cancel, etc).
  • Manage passenger manifests and bus routes with a range of bus pickup options.
  • List multiple (unlimited) tours with multiple tour times, detailed availability with optional tour expiry, date-ranged price matrix.
  • Increase sales through an online booking presence, both on your website and through the ResPax network of agents.
  • Obtain higher profit sales turnover through bookings on their own website (no agent commissions).
  • Easily integrated into your existing website and managed by you.
  • Real time management of your availability and resources.
  • Reduced staff time in more manual booking processes.