ResPax Operator Network


Livn GDS

Livn GDS have been connected via ResPax’s RON for 3 years, giving real time access to ResPax’s large group of significant tour operators. We have found both the technology and support excellent and look forward to many more years of success via this technology.

About RON

The ResPax Operator Network (RON) XML API is the window into a multi-platform tour operator portal network connecting in real-time to major Australian, New Zealand and Asia tour operators. The ResPax Operator Network enables development of interfaces to directly interact with each operator retrieving tour details with imagery, check availability, check prices and commit bookings directly into the remote operators system.
The RON XMLRPC API is suitable for Travel Agents, Online Agents, Inbound Agents, Online Operators and Online Portals needing to develop a direct system-to-system interface between their system and the ResPax Operators.

Help Increase the ResPax Network of Operators

The more tour operators within the ResPax network, the more tours are available to booking agents in real-time connection. Help us grow this network and make your business operations more streamlined:

$6,144,221 booked via RON for ResPax Operators in March 2017 alone…

RON for Travel Agents

Connect your Reservations system to ours and access 100’s of popular tours in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Suitable for Travel Agents, Online Agents, Inbound Agents, Online Operators and Online Portals

RON for Tour Operators

Distribution of your tours live inventory directly into major travel agents own reservations systems such as Website Travel, LiVn Travel, Student Flights, Greyhound, DCM Travel, Viator*, Ticketmates*,*, Aoliday*


Cached Data

Caching is the key to interacting with multiple remote systems as remote internet connections and systems have various degrees of reliability. The cache categorises the data depending on importance of the cache data and how often it is changed. Each category has individual cache expiry. For example, tour content is only updated every 2 days, pricing every 4 hours but availability is updated immediately. Any booking is placed directly into the remote systems. This caching creates a much higher availability. Most data is available directly from the cache even if the remote system is down.

Reduced Staff Training
  • Instead of using individual booking interfaces for each operator, your staff can now book them all through your existing system which they are already trained to use.
  • Reduced staff handling time.
  • Reduced waiting time for your clients.
  • A better return for investment for the connecting agent/distributor as they are developing against a large amount of tour operators (small and large worldwide) in a single development effort
Check and Book Immediately

Steps To Connect

Register as a Developer

Email us at or call Steve Cullen on +617 4041 1017

Develop against the RON API

The development network is FREE to use so you can take your time. Even though it’s a development environment, it still connects to remote systems so that you can get a feel for latencies and response times.

Become certified to use the live network

This is a simple process, where we monitor the logs to confirm that you are utilising the API as recommended in the API documentation.

Request log-in maps from tour operators

The RON Administrator Console helps you request the logins and map them to the correct tour operator. The tour operator ultimately decides who can login into their system. This ensures that whatever existing relationship that you have with them is maintained.