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“We used to need 2-3 more Reservations staff. I save 4-5 hours per month on preparing reports (related to Reservations). The system gives you to tools to find and fix problems. It filters out mistakes easily. Before ResPax, you could have 2 or 3 people just hunting for the problem for half the day and now ResPax does it for them. Saves 2-3 hours (a day) in bank reconciliations”

ResPax Enterprise Software for Tour Operators

ResPax Enterprise is available as a cloud or desktop application that allows staff to quickly make tour desk bookings, access tour availability and generate automated vouchers and confirmation emails or SMS messages. Other functionality includes a full set of standard reports and the ability to export financial data.

ResPax Enterprise gives you the tools to improve your business workflow processes, reduce staff time spent on numerous tasks, and eliminate duplication of effort. Trinity Software Australia is a Microsoft Business Partner, Google accredited agency, and Google Channel partner.

ResPax Enterprise is designed to suit a broad range of operators and can be configured to run just as well for a coaching operator as an extended inbound operator.

Product Highlights


  • Multi-passenger bookings
  • Create customised tour packages
  • Provide flexible and online payment options, verified by the system. (Secure SSL certificate included)
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Automated notifications and bulk communication by email or SMS

Tour Set Up

  • List multiple (unlimited) tours with multiple tour times
  • Customise tour packages for customers
  • Manage prices and commissions based on rules
  • Bus routes with a range of bus pickup options
  • Provide detailed availability with optional tour expiry period.

Asset management

  • Heirarchical and flat business models
  • Unlimited passenger and agent profiles
  • Set tasks with alerts/reminders for individuals/groups/everyone and view lists of overdue, due and upcoming tasks
  • Utilise people and customer relationship management features, including passenger and agent profiles.
  • Manage agents – contact details, commission structures, etc.
  • Attach branch agents to their head offices
  • Record agent consultants


  • Detailed reporting to assist with reservations, operations, sales and marketing, accounting, staff and system activity information
  • Reports can be scheduled for automatic distribution by email or fax.

Website Integration

  • Provide a tour content management module for your website including a real-time tour availability grid
  • Secure credit card transactions and Pay Pal.
  • Provide agent and operator logins to your website
  • Enable direct agent access to tour availability information for real-time bookings
  • Agent, Operator and Passenger (the latter for Hop on Hop off operations) logins for your website

Sales and Marketing

  • Multiple agent, passenger and revenue reports which can be customised to meet your exact requirements and scheduled for automatic distribution
  • Ability to set discounts, pricing and commissions by a number of rules (flexible system)


  • Integration with all major accounting systems, providing reporting and invoice information and reflecting the companies financial setup
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Invoicing capabilities


  • View security audit trails, set access permissions up to user level control with multiple level approvals.

ResPax offer two different pricing models, either hosted (Remote Hosted) in our Brisbane data centre or Outright Purchase where you host all the software and database yourself. Both models provide our Enterprise level software.

Remote Hosted
ResPax sold under the Hosted model has an initial setup fee which includes us setting everything up in our Brisbane Data Centre and then keeping everything working for you. We also charge a monthly subscription fee for a 3 user minimum licence. A discount applies if you buy more than 1 month at the time.

This is our most popular solution particularly for small to medium business. Without the need to purchase high end server hardware and low upfront licence costs – ResPax Remote Hosted offers an efficient, economical tour reservation solution.

Some companies that utilise our Remote Hosted solution;

Outright Purchase
If you have your own technology infrastructure and would prefer to have the software and database on site, the outright purchase option is available with a minimum 5-user licence for ResPax. You will need 1 dedicated server for ResPax which will include the operating system licence as well as the installation of all software and operating systems required for you to be operational. We can purchase, assemble and install the hardware on our site and then ship it to you.

Remote access software allows for us to be able to reach the server remotely and troubleshoot any issues you may have. Our annual maintenance agreement includes free upgrades and updates to the system and is priced at 20% of the value of the ResPax licence fee. Your IT people would also have to install the client application on whichever PCs you need. It’s straight forward and quick.

Contact us for more information including our latest Server Specifications Document.

Some companies that utilise our Outright Purchase solution


ResPax Enterprise Cost vs Savings

View our case studies to see how other operators have made improvements in their businesses using ResPax Enterprise, and download the ResPax Enterprise – Calculating The Savings document to help you work out what this system may save your business.



Software Details

Introduction to ResPax Enterprise

ResPax Enterprise is designed to suit a broad range of operators and can be configured to run just as well for a coaching operator as a extended inbound operator.

There is an optional web interface (ResWeb) for ResPax Enterprise which enables tour content management direct from the ResPax system, direct consumer and agent booking facilities, passenger login for hop-on hop-off operations so they can book pass sectors and operator login so tour operator partners can update availability relating to their own products. The ResPax web interface supports real-time availability, real-time credit card authentication and immediate confirmation numbers.

Tour operators can choose between purchasing ResPax Enterprise for use on their own servers, or renting remote hosted ResPax Enterprise on a monthly basis.

Adhoc Bookings

ResPax supports adhoc bookings allowing the reservations staff to quickly add tour products to the booking on an adhoc basis. Prices, discounts, commissions, availability and payments are calculated real-time as the booking is being updated.  ResPax has a fast inline-editor which enables users to add bookings without having to flick in and out of booking forms. The bookings are simply added in a similar way to a spreadsheet.

Payment Collection

Payment Collection Screen ResPax manages many levels of payment collection including Pay On Board, Agent partial and full collection, In-house Reservations/Over Counter with optional real-time credit card authentication. It is also able to separate non-commissionable levies and collect them either separately or together with the rest of the booking.

Multiple payments can be added to a booking allowing the operator to choose how payments are going to be collected on a booking-by-booking basis. Credit cards can be authenticated immediately as part of the ResPax software to further improve speed of taking the booking.

ResPax payments supports multiple currencies. A payment can be collected in a separate currency from the booking itself.

Bus and tour manifests show outstanding amounts to ensure that all money outstanding at time of travel are collected correctly on the bus or on the tour.

ResPax provides reporting tools to assist the operator to collect and reconcile vouchers and/or cash on day of travel.

Audit Trails and Diary Entries

All changes to any booking in ResPax Enterprise is recorded diligently in the Audit Trail tables. Typical information recorded includes who changed the booking, when they changed it and what was changed. The history of the Audit Trail is easily accessible from inside the booking to follow the whole life of the booking from beginning to end.

ResPax also supports an optional diary system that enables the operator to keep a manual diary and history associated with each booking. The diary feature supports email/pop up alert notification and is typically used to remind the operator to collect prepayments, send more information about the booking or any other task that requires reminding. The diary can be accessed inside each booking or as a standalone form to see all outstanding diary items for a time period regardless of booking.

Availability Screens

ResPax provides an Availability screen which allows the operator to group their tours in tabs to get a quick, easy list view snapshot. The availability tab for a tour is typically over a number of definable days where the day is in a column header and the tour/departure is the row. Each availability cell can be configured to show availability on tour, number of seats booked, maximum passengers on tour and allotments if used.

Double-clicking on the availability cell will immediately open the onscreen manifest for that particular departure, show a search list of all bookings with name of passengers, pickup point, agent and number of passengers. The bookings can be quickly accessed and edited if need be.

Flexible Agent Commission Structure

The built-in agent commission structure permits an advanced configuration of commissions for each agent. The commission is preconfigured as part of setting up a tour and/or a new agent. A commission can be configured in currency or percentage of the tour. Commissions for a given agent can be configured as:

  • One commission for all tours.
  • Commission relating to a specific tour.
  • Commission for a tour for a specific date range.
  • Varied commissions for passenger types, ie. adult can be different from children for the same tour.
  • Commission for a tour for a date range for a specific basis/sub-basis.

Commission is normally applied to a specific agent organisation. However, commissions can be applied to whole groups of agents in a single configuration. Agent commissions are automatically calculated and applied from the commission matrix when a booking is made. Calculated commissions can be manually overridden if the user has permissions.

Advanced Bus Routing

Bus routes can be configured during setup for each tour and reused in other tours. When defining a bus route, a number of stops are normally defined. Each stop has an increment in minutes from the start of the route. Each stop can have any number of pickup locations assigned to it. Availability can be assigned to any route in the event that the capacity of the bus on a route is less than the tour itself.

An operator can assign multiple bus routes to a single tour. The drivers on each route will get individual pickup manifests relevant to their route only ordered by operator predefined sequence.

When taking a booking for a tour, all the pickup locations for the route associated with the tour will be shown with pickup times enabling the operators reservations staff to quickly select the appropriate pickup which is automatically added to the manifest for the route.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

ResPax integrates Crystal Reports as its primary reporting system. This is used for all reports including operational manifests, performance reports, sales and marketing reports, accounts reports, invoicing, tour maintenance reports and more.

Reports are grouped into Operational, Performance, Sales and Marketing, and Accounts. The reporting system enables the operator to find the report they are looking for and define adhoc which data they want in the report. The report can then be previewed, printed, emailed or exported. Report exporting supports many standard formats including PDF, Excel, Word and more. Reports can also be scheduled to be automatically run and emailed/printed/exported on a re-occurring schedule.

Typical ResPax Enterprise reports include:

  • Operational manifests like Pickup Manifest, Tour Manifests and Options Manifests
  • Performance reports for measuring agent and staff performance
  • Full range of Sales and Marketing reports
  • Accounts reports to manage cash and voucher reconciliation as well as Invoicing and accounts exporting.

View a full list of ResPax Enterprise standard reports.  Optionally, ResPax can customise reports to suit your needs. These reports are charged individually and installed on your system along with the above reports.

Exporting to Your Accounting Software

ResPax Enterprise provides an Accounts Export Manager to enable your accounts departments to check, export and archive bookings from the booking system. ResPax Enterprise is compatible with most accounting systems including MYOB, Great Plains, Sybiz, Attache, Quickbooks, Smart Stream , Pastel and more.

Although ResPax Enterprise does not integrate or act as an accounting system, operators can still choose to do their invoicing through ResPax and then do summary exports to their accounting system. Invoicing from ResPax Enterprise normally means that you can provide more detail about the booking on the invoice statement. Alternatively, the operator can invoice from their accounting system and just attach more detailed statements printed from ResPax.

The Accounts Export Manager list view also lets you distribute the responsibility of ensuring that payments for each booking is correct. ResPax includes a separate Q&A checkbox which can be used by the Reservation Department to first approve the booking before it  is handed to the Accounts Department.

Web Bookings

ResPax optionally provides the operator with a number of options for taking bookings on their website. The web interface is typically customised and themed to suit the operator’s existing website colours. It supports real-time availability, real-time credit card authentication and immediate confirmation numbers.

Tours can be flagged specifically to be published on the website. The operator can use ResPax as the content management system for each tour providing facilities for the operator to add web details about any tour, upload images and setup booking comments for the website.

ResPax provides links to tour information pages with tour details, booking comments, availability comments, images and automatically derived pricing grids. As a web booking page, the operator can choose between a single page voucher or a multi-step booking wizard.

As all bookings over the web are real-time – the availability is immediately affected to remove any risk of overbooking the tour or pickup.

Direct Consumer Bookings

The direct consumer web booking interfaces enables the operator to take bookings from their website from anonymous users without the need to login. As there are no logins, credit card authentication is forced to minimise inappropriate use of the site and invalid bookings.

The direct consumers card is charged immediately and they are sent an email with details of the booking.

Quick and Easy Booking Screens
The booking screen has been designed and developed with the needs of telephone based reservations consultants in mind. A typical reservation can be completed quickly using only the keyboard.
Tour options such as lunch, diving or an extra bed can be added quickly to each tour. The pricing grid calculates total costs for the tour, pickup and options. It also allows manual modification of commission rates and discounts with appropriate user permissions. Available pickups are generated automatically based on tour and departure time.
The Booking screen provides a wealth of information without being confusing.
Permissions can be tightly controlled to disallow unauthorised discounts, prices alteration or any other change to the booking.
Sending Confirmations and Notifications

Once the booking has been committed into the database, the operator is able to post-manage the booking. The operator can send emails to the passenger in the booking or to the agent that gave the booking providing confirmation details for the booking and optionally attach a brochure, pdf confirmation, voucher and itinerary. If the passenger is across the counter, the voucher or ticket can be printed and handed over the counter directly.

If the operator is integrating an external operator’s tour in the package just booked, notifications can be sent to each of the external operators advising them that a booking has been taken for their tour.

Real-time Credit Card Authentication

ResPax integrates real-time credit card authentication as part of the ResPax Enterprise software as well as through the direct consumer web interface. Funds of the credit cards are checked immediately and funds are cleared for transfer into the operators account in the same way the classic, electronic credit card swipe terminal does.

Traditionally, an operator would keep one electronic credit card terminal in their office. Integrating the credit card authentication facility into the software helps the operator reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a booking as their staff no longer have to get up and process the card on a common terminal in the office.

The credit card facility uses the in-house internet connection to reach the banks. Credit cards are normally authenticated within 5-15 seconds. Read more about real-time credit card transactions.

ResPax credit card authentication also has an external charge table which tracks the success of charging a booking. Sometimes it is unclear why a credit card failed or even if it failed. The external charge table enables the operator to confirm if the payment was successfully charged.

Search and Edit Bookings

ResPax provides search forms to enable the operator to quickly find existing bookings. Operators can search on confirmation numbers, range of travel dates, range of booking dates, tour code, agent code, voucher numbers, partial passenger names and more.

The search facility also provides a quick and easy way to find bookings made in the last 24 hours.

Once the booking has been located, it can be opened and all parts of the booking can be edited or appended to. If the user has the permissions, the booking can be cancelled with Reasons for Cancellation forced. Bookings can even be uncancelled at anytime. The audit trail records any changes made to a booking, recording who changed it, when it was changed and what field was changed.

Tour Setup and Product Maintenance

ResPax provides a Tour Maintenance section which lets the tour operator configure their tours completely.

From this area, the operator can manage Prices, Commissions, Bus Routes and Pickups, Tour Packaging, Component Configuration, Availability, Touring Options, Departure Times and Booking Notifications for any of their tours, accommodation and packages.

Each tour can be configured to have a specific behaviour when the operator staff takes bookings to further assist with making bookings accurate and consistent. For example, some tours may include infants in their availability and others don’t.

Multiple Tour Levels and Components

Tours can be reused as part of other tours. Typically when creating a package over a number of days, the operator can individually setup a number of individual tours representing tours by external operators, accommodation and transfers. These individual tours can then be reused in a tour package as component tours.

The default behaviour of a component tour can be precisely configured in ResPax enabling to set day offsets, tour sequence, inherited pickups and more.

When making a booking with a package, ResPax drills down through the components to retrieve pricing, availability, day offset from the package travel date as well as other component pre-configured settings.

Each underlying component availability is directly altered enabling the operator to nest a single core tour in many packages without risk of overbooking.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An operator can choose to collect passenger names casually or maintain the ResPax people database for repeat passengers. Some operators, such as dive operators or live aboard operators, want to collect and keep a high level of details about their passengers to produce more detailed manifests and provide a better service to repeat passengers.

The operator can also use the people database to record more detailed information about agent consultants.

The people database optionally collects email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, contact addresses, gender, weight, height, nicknames, drivers licence numbers, passport numbers and more.

Ticketing and Counter Check-in's

ResPax Enterprise is suited as high-volume check-in system capable of dealing with 600+ passengers on any one departure check-in. ResPax enables the counter staff to quickly find the booking and check payment status for a booking. If there is a balance outstanding, the money can typically be collected with cash or credit card. ResPax Enterprise is compatible with a number of credit card swipe keyboards allowing the counter person to quickly swipe the passengers card and immediately authenticate funds on the card.

ResPax Enterprise can be used in conjunction with Datamax thermal printers for high speed ticket printing, enabling counter staff to quickly complete the booking check and print a ticket for the passengers.

Self Releasing Allotments

Allotments can be configured for each tour for a specific agent for a specific day and departure time. Definable release-back thresholds will automatically release the allotments. Total allotments for a departure are clearly visible on the Availability screen.

Agent Bookings

Several agent booking tools are available so tour operators can enable their agents to book their products directly without the need to pickup the phone. Once an agent is logged in, ResPax records the correct commission structure as well as applies the correct credit status allowing the operators to extend this interface to Deposit only Agents as well as Full Credit Agents.

XML API Access for your Distributors

Our XML Network enables agents and portals to connect directly from their existing systems into the ResPax Operator Network. More and more distributors, agents and online portal are adopting a direct connection to their operators.

The ResPax Operator Network (RON) provides a simple but powerful interface directly into the operator. Typical RON functionality includes access to tour content, tour images, availability and pricing. The RON interfaces also enables direct bookings into the operator’s system with immediate confirmation numbers.

Like the web booking interface above, the tour operator is at all times in control of which agents and distributors are connecting to their system and what they can see. At no time is any operator’s confidential reports or data available over this API.

Training and Support

As part of signing a new operator on to ResPax Enterprise, we normally evaluate the new operator’s needs individually through email communications or over the telephone. An initial 10 hour support/training block is provided with any new installation.

The training is carried out by senior, experienced implementation consultants that are able to advise the operator of how the system can best be setup. The training is normally delivered as part of an online training system and is directly relevant to the operator’s business as a result of evaluating the needs earlier.