Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ categories below reflect pre-sales enquiries about ResPax tour reservation software. If you have technical/user enquiries, please refer to our user documentation.


Can ResPax integrate with accounting systems?
ResPax Enterprise integrates with most accounting systems.  Currently successful integrations include:  MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks (for inhouse Respax Enterprise installations), Smart Stream, Great Plains, Pastel, and more. The design of the accounts exporting interface is such that it can be customised and adapted to virtually any accounting system able to import directly into the database or via delimited text files.  Operators can choose to do invoicing in their existing accounting system or through ResPax as part of running exporting.  Invoicing can be done at any interval.  ResPax has a number of invoice formats available and is also able to customise the invoice to suit the operator’s need.

How does ResPax integrate with MYOB?
ResPax Enterprise exports a comma separated file that can be customised completely to suit the clients MYOB accounting model.  Some clients require summary invoices per debtor per period showing one line per booking in the invoice.  Other clients require one invoice per booking.  We can accommodate virtually any model.  We can also customise text files from ResPax Enterprise to import to MYOB as receipts, revenue journals and updates to customer files – very flexible.

Who gets invoiced and how is completely under the control of the tour operator by design of the accounting model initially and also dynamically by controlling batches of exporting, some which can be ignored and some which can be imported as the client chooses.

We design our text file format individually for the clients by getting them to export a sample file from MYOB to give us to use as a template.

What currencies can you use in the system?
ResPax Enterprise has multi-currency capability and is able to invoice/take payment in any currency.

How do we reconcile cash payments?
ResPax Enterprise has cash reconciliation reports that should match the cash in the till for the same period.  The standard process for reservations is to check the POB (pay on board) payments screen and apply cash collected where cash has been collected at the time of touring and not collected directly in ResPax as part of the check in process, the cash till checked against the reservations payments screen and finally the vouchers collected checked against the agent payments screen.  All these three payment collection methods in any booking will balance the total sale.  Once this reconciliation has been done the bookings are ready for archive and invoice

How are credit card payments settled?
Payments made directly over the internet are settled by the electronic gateway and will therefore need to reconcile independently of any payments made by manual credit card machine (credit/debit/EFTPOS).  ResPax Enterprise reconciliation reports can be customised to suit whatever processes are in place and whichever gateway is used for auto credit card authentication.


Can you please explain what the 1% transaction fee on web/network bookings is for?
This fee is specifically for web bookings, and booking traffic that we bring to you across the ResPax Operator Network.  All ResPax clients have the choice to be connected to the ResPax Operator Network that allows agent organisations to book all of our operators from several web tools (Web Widget) or directly using an XML API interface (see Respax Operator Network).  For example, Peter Pans, JTB, DCMRes, TicketMates, TXA, etc, have developed a connection to our network and can book our operators directly from their agent web booking sites.
When do we start paying the monthly user fees?
ResPax Enterprise:  Subscription fees are due in advance from the day of sign up.  The credit card is charged with the first month’s rental and the setup fees before we process your application.  From then on the subscription fees are charged automatically on the birthday of the first payment monthly.

When is the 1% transaction fee on web/network bookings payable?
The1% transaction fee is charged on or after the travel date of the booking/s made.


The ResPax web interface is using SSL encryption for all pages including the credit card capture. All credit card details are encoded on capture and eventually truncated on a regular basis.

All users are authenticated through an application login. Detailed permissions are applied to individuals allowing the operator’s administrators to tightly control access to certain sensitive areas.

User logins and permissions are application layered. At no time is direct access given directly to the database. In the event of a requirement for external developers to interact with the system, a constricted xml-rpc api is provided to control access.

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Which marketing information can be captured and how is it reported?
Marketing information relating to individual, adhoc passengers are recorded at time of booking.  Typical data collected in ResPax Enterprise includes an operator definable list of passenger origins as well as common booking sources or promotion origins.

Each agent also can be configured and grouped for performance and promotion purposes.

Does the software have an integrated CRM solution?
ResPax Enterprise does support notes, diary entries and task allocation with reminders (email, pop up notices) to manage agents and customers.

Are ResPax products connected to the TXA (Tourism Exchange Australia)?
Yes, we are a Polling Partner/External Supply Partner for the TXA.  A ResPax tour operator in Australia can apply to join the TXA, then opt in to distributor channels at rates set by the distributor.  There is a minimum requirement to opt in to 5 distributor channels. A prerequisite is that you must be listed on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW).  ATDW listing requirements vary from state to state.  You will also need an internet merchant facility with your bank. The normal 1% network transaction fee is not charged to you by ResPax for TXA bookings.

Real-Time Credit Card Authentication

How does the real-time credit card authorisation work?
You must have an e-merchant facility with your bank.  This e-merchant facility needs to be able to talk to a gateway to hand the transactions to the bank.  For ResPax Enterprise we currently interface with Camtech (for Australia), DPS (for New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, USA, UK), PSIGateway (for Canada, USA) and Paygate (for South Africa).  For ResPax Lite, the payment gateways currently available are Camtech (for Australia) and Paygate (for South Africa).  If your credit card merchant facility is able to be connected to these gateways then you can use one of these without any extra customisation. There is a $200 set up fee to connect your ResPax account to the gateway.  Download the ResPax Online Credit Card Authorisation form to get started.
Please explain the real-time credit card authorisation fees?
The 59 cents per transaction we quote is only for clients using SecurePay in Australia.  If you are using the external gateways (not Camtech the Australian one), then we do not charge you for credit card processing because there is no charge to us.  You will need to speak to the foreign gateway provider to see what fees they will charge you for their services. The credit card merchant fees that you pay the bank are an independent relationship you have with your bank and will need to be negotiated with them at the time you get your bank to issue you with the e-merchant credit card facility.
How can I connect to another gateway?
If you need us to customise the credit card processing to a new gateway (eg. to service a different location) we would need to quote on that integration. This will include programming and testing to make the connection a suitable gateway provider.  Please remember you will need to speak to the payment gateway supplier to determine their fees and charges. Steps to Connecting to Another Gateway

  • Contact ResPax to determine whether the gateway you are wishing to connect to is a suitable payment gateway.
  • Establish an account with the payment gateway supplier.
  • Provide ResPax with the certificate details.
  • ResPax will program and test the connection and advise you when live.


What is the reporting solution and its key features?
ResPax software integrates Crystal Reports as its exclusive reporting package.  All printable output including manifest, voucher, confirmations, itineraries, performance, sales and accounting reports are created in Crystal format. The extensive list of ResPax Enterprise reports are grouped on Operations, Performance, Sales and Accounting with optional user permission applied to each group.  Each report has detailed criteria pertinent to the type of report.  Each report can be previewed, printed, exported and emailed. ResPax Enterprise also provides a scheduling facility enabling the tour operators to schedule any report for emailing on a reoccurring basis.  
Does ResPax have pivot table reporting functionality?
Crystal Reports provides cross-tab/pivoting facility as a standard part of their features.  This is available in ResPax Enterprise.