ResPax Digital Services

Business Analysis

smcontentHow successful the ResPax tour booking software will be for your business is dependent on your commitment to change and can improve your business processes for the better. Our Senior Implementation Consultants can undertake a thorough analysis of your workflow processes, and make recommendations to ensure your business receives the best return on investment possible. Such recommendations may lead to eliminating many manual processes, automating reports and communications and freeing up staff time for more revenue focused activities. Advice may also be given in relation to the best methods of integrating information contained within ResPax Enterprise with your existing systems, such as accounting packages.

Should customisation of the product be requested by your staff, our consultants will be able to advise of the feasibility of making those changes. The price of the analysis will depend upon the size and complexity of your business. A daily rate is applicable, plus reimbursement of any expenses incurred. When considering investing in a business analysis and possible implementation of ResPax Enterprise, you also need to consider what savings can be made by improved business processes.  You may also want to review case studies, in particular, the Queensland government case study on savings made by cruise operator, Big Cat Green Island Cruises. Contact ResPax for further information.

Website Analysis

From time to time our Account Management team may perform a free analysis on your website to assist you in increasing your online sales. This website review will highlight key areas needing improvement in terms of best practice and can be passed to your website designers to action. Our turnover improves as yours does, so naturally we want to make sure you bring in as many sales as possible!